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Auburn, Boylston, Brimfield, Brookfields, Chariton, Dudley, Douglas, Easthampton, Fiskdale,Gardner, Holland,
Holden, Hudson, Ludlow, Leicester, Oakham, Oxford, Palmer, Paxton, Marborough, Monson, Millbury,  Northbridge, Southbridge, Shrewsbury, Spencer, Strubridge, Sutton,Three Rivers, Uxbridge,Thorndike, Warren, Wales, Webster,
Worcester, West Boylston... for Apprentices and Electricians that reside in or, engage in the business
or install  "electrical  work" as defined in 237 CMR within Massachusetts.
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Code Seminars for everyone!
  Southbridge Conference Center
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ECCodes a Leader in Education

Serving Worcester County
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 each year.

Southbridge Conference Center
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Richard Fredette

Richard brings his technical and hands on experience to all seminars offered by ECCodes. He began his career in construction as an electrician and as a general contractor in New England over the past 35 years. From 1987, Richard has taught many in the electrical, security/fire and buildings codes, as a trade school instructor and provider/instructor for the State of Massachusetts. Before his tenure with the Board of State Examiners of Electricians (BSEE) and Appeals, Richard was a self-employed contractor, a master electrical contractor and an Inspector of wires (AHJ) for several surrounding communities in the Massachusetts area; learning and experiencing in many aspects of the electrical profession, electrical inspections and code interpretation.

Mr. Fredette joined the State of Massachusetts Electrical Board; now known as the Board of State Examiners of Electricians (BSEE) and Appeals as a state investigator. He then was promoted to the Senior Investigator/Supervisors position for Massachusetts, and later  became the Executive Director for the Board of State Examiners of Electricians and Appeals.

                  2014 NEC

Summary of the Draft Regulation: 
This Code is the 53rd edition and will supersede all other previous editions, supplements, and printings.  The purpose of this Code is the practical safeguarding of persons and property from hazards arising from the use of electricity; it is not intended as a design specification or an instruction manual for untrained persons. The proposed regulation provides:

 1)  Expansion of Ground Fault Protection [GFCI] and accessibility provisions for certain buildings .

 2) Expansion of Arc Fault Protection [AFCI] and accessibility provisions for certain buildings.

 3)  New requirement for field marking of 125 volt, 15- and 20-ampere receptacles that are controlled by an energy management system, timer, or some other automatic means.

4) Throughout the Code, this Code has revised the threshold voltage from 600 to 1000 volts in conjunction with a coordinated effort throughout the NEC to recognize that commonly used alternative energy systems operate at over 600 volts, such as Photovoltaic Systems. Note: This proposal, with many similar changes may be found within many articles and sections throughout the National electrical Code.

5) Outlet box hoods to be heavy duty and listed for use in wet locations.

6) All occupancy types’ tamper-resistant receptacles are required. The exception is no longer limited to only dwelling unit receptacles.

7) New Informational Notes extracted information from other standards.

8) New requirement for emergency illumination at outdoor service and feeder supply disconnecting means if emergency illumination is provided for the interior of buildings or structures

9) References are made in this code to other standards. Those standards, where duly adopted by law or regulation, may be enforced by the appropriate official. They are not considered part of this Code and they are not enforceable under M.G.L. c. 143 § 3L. [NOTE: There is no conflict in this code. The overlapping of provisions is in for informational and directional purpose only as noted above.]  ...and MORE.

210.8(A)(7) Revised to require GFCI protection of 125-volt, 15- and 20-ampere receptacles installed within 6 ft of a kitchen sink that are not covered by the countertop rule in 210.8(A) (6)

210.12(C) New requirement for AFCI protection of outlets supplied by 120 volt, 15- and 20-ampere branch circuits that are installed in a dormitory.

406.3(E) New requirement for field marking of 125 volt, 15- and 20-ampere receptacles that are controlled by an energy management system, timer, or some other automatic means.

406.9(B) Revised to require receptacle outlet box covers to be listed for “extra duty” regardless of how the box is mounted. The requirement now applies to all occupancies.

See you in class...    A Leader in Education.

Classes start in March in Southbridge, Massachusetts

Serving Worcester County


Even if You do not want to sign up for a Code class Please watch this video...and hire a VET... txs, Rich

339 dennison southbridge, MA 01550 
Phone: 508-765-5637 Website: www.eccodes.com

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Temperature Limitations on Conductors:
Temperature Limitations: This is a 6 hour Preview. Interested  just Click Here to sign-up.
 Understanding the NEC in Massachusetts:
Understanding the NEC in Massachusetts: This is a Preview of our 6-hour program on the NEC unique to Massachusetts. Interested just Click Here to sign-up.
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